Ice Cream Sandwiches

For a project in Studio Craft, we had to shoot a diffused still life using diffused window light and a reflector. It was overcast the day I shot, so the clouds acted as my diffuser, and I used the sunlight side of my reflector. I was inspired by a new backdrop (tapestry) I got from Urban Outfitters, so I decided to shoot ice cream sandwiches against it. I shot them frozen, then warmed them up with some steam so that I could get some melted shots. Here's my favorites.



Light Study

I started back at SCAD the first week of January, and this quarter I am taking Digital Craft 3 and Studio Craft. DC3 is a combination of photography, Photoshop and theory (taking pictures along a certain theme or issue, accompanied by an artist statement), while SC focuses on all types of lighting, and working within a studio environment. Here's a few photos I took for the first assignment in Studio Craft, we had to photograph a person or object in east, west and north facing light. I decided to shoot some mannequin legs, and I loved the contrast of the natural environment and the plasticity of the subject.

East Facing Light (taken around 7:30 in the morning)

West Facing Light (taken around 4 in the afternoon)


North Facing Light (these could be taken anytime, just in a shady area--these are at about 4, also)



Angela + James

This wedding was so much fun! I shot Angela and James's wedding back in October. I've known James's family for a really long time--I actually used to babysit him! (I am now officially old.) They got married in Angela's church in her hometown of McMinnville, TN, and it was absolutely beautiful. The church was full of windows, and it had the most amazing natural light. Angela and James chose not to see each other before the wedding, and they decided to do all of their photos together after everything was over (they actually drove away, and then came back)--we all agreed it was the best decision ever! We walked around downtown McMinnville before the sun set, and got some awesome shots. Here's just a few of my favorites.



Jeffrey and Athena

My brother, Jeffrey is the lead singer/guitarist/creator of the band Cheap Time. He's in the process of finishing up a solo album, so I took some photos of him and his girlfriend, Athena, for the front cover of the LP. He art-directed them himself, and I'm really happy with the end result.



Back to Film

Over Thanksgiving break, my sister April came down a day early to do a pinup shoot. April is Rowdy Ann of the Memphis Belles. Jud arranged for us to use a studio with an infinity wall, so I let him shoot April's photos, and then I dressed up for a few shots. Jud shot all digital, while I shot film with my dad's old twin lens camera, and developed it myself. I loved being back in the darkroom, with all the smelly chemicals and the slow process of it all. It was a little too slow, though, so instead of making prints, I scanned the negatives in, and played with the levels in Photoshop. Jud took a few of me with the camera, and I'm attaching a couple below (they're the last two).

April 1april 2april 3april4kristi1kristi22

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