Polaroids of Kate, December 2011.


Kenzie + Henry: Destination Wedding in Mexico

Brad and I had the amazing opportunity over Christmas break to travel to Cancun, Mexico for Kenzie and Henry's destination wedding. We have known Henry since we were all campers at Mid-South Youth Camp, so they asked Brad to officiate the wedding and me to take the photos. It worked out well that we were both able to play a part in their special day! When we first met with them about the wedding, Kenzie said they really just wanted to have a vacation and get married in the middle of it - and that's exactly what they did. They were joined by just 21 of their immediate family members, making it a very personal and intimate ceremony. Everything took place at the Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa, and the resort took care of everything, making it an incredibly relaxing experience for all involved. Sometimes weddings can get pretty stressful, but it was awesome to be a part of one that was so laid back and fun, just like Henry and Kenzie. Here's just a few photos from their day, but you can view all of the photos at my new prints site: kristimontagueprints.com.

Never done a destination wedding before. I've done weddings in all sorts of "destinations" but never one that took both my husband and I to another country. This was awesome. It's a perfect way to create a special vacation for your closest family and friends while also providing for an intimate and unique ceremony. Brad and I are already itching to go back to Cancun. I'd definitely recommend the Dreams Resorts, and if you need a photographer and officiant, I know two people who would be up for it! Please contact us--we'd love to be a part of your day (wherever it may be). :)


Courtney & Chris: Engaged





My brother came home a couple weeks ago and I took a few polaroids of him at my parent's house (the same house we both grew up in) with my new camera, a Polaroid 600SE. I think the weird blue marks are where the sun literally burned the image.


Mitch: Senior Photos