Thomas Family

During most shoots, I can tell while I'm shooting if what I'm getting is going to be good. Some okay shots, some good shots, some great shots. Very rarely do I end a shoot thinking that I got nothin'. Maybe some so-so shots. Sometimes the location isn't working, so I'll move my clients somewhere else, but overall, I'm usually aware if it's working or not.

The Thomas family always seems to throw me for a loop, though.

I don't normally shoot kids or families, but Joe and Natalie Thomas are close friends, so I always give in to photograph their family. (See previous shoots with them here and here.) Having two boys under 3, though, can make shoots completely unpredictable. I can plan as much as I'd like to, but unlike photographing adults (or even teenagers), there's a lot of aspects of the shoot I can't control.

I found a circus tent at Ikea and talked to Natalie about doing a circus theme, so we pulled together things we already had, and created a really cute scene. She bought balloons... but two out of three of them popped before we even began. Wilson is 2 and a half years old, so he can be a little rambunctious at times, so it's a little difficult to get him to focus and look at the camera--especially when surrounded by tons of distractions.

I ended this shoot thinking I had failed. I was exhausted, and gained a huge appreciation for photographers who do nothing but families and children. I sat down to load up the photos into the computer, and was shocked with what I found.

I don't know how they do it, but the Thomas family is magical. Even when I don't think I'm getting anything, I somehow get these:

(Yes, that's my cat Shirley in the background--she loves sneaking into my backyard shoots.)

I'm one of the first to admit I still have tons to learn. And shoots like this humbly remind me that it's important to just keep shooting.


Shoots from August

August was one of my busiest months this year--tons of travel, events, school starting back and I had a shoot practically every day I was home. I meant to blog these as I edited them, but somehow it's mid-September and I never got them up! I'm planning a full post for each of these shoots, but just enjoy these sneak peeks for now.

August included shoots with....

the amazingly awesome and talented band, Rabbit!

family/kids shoots for friends

a wedding with an adorable couple

and three senior shoots!


Elizabeth + Jason



Josh & Sam

A few weeks ago, Josh contacted me to do a shoot with him and his son, Sam. Sam is three, and is the most adorable, sweetest kid ever. He's also super photogenic just like his dad), so it made my job easy!


Good Things Happen When You Listen to Rabbit!