A Very Muppet Birthday

Today is Brad's birthday! Here's Brad and me in July of 1999 (12 years ago!!), right after we started hanging out at Horizons, before we started college, and when we were slowly becoming best friends. :)

Weren't we adorable? (We look so young!) Ever since I've know Brad, he's been a huge fan of the Muppets and basically anything Jim Henson has done in general. Guests at our wedding might even remember that we played "Somebody's Getting Married" from the Muppets Take Manhattan right before our wedding began! 

So when I found out a couple years ago that FAO Schwarz opened the Muppet Whatnot Workshop, and allowed you to custom create Muppets, I knew I eventually had to get one for Brad. 

I decided his 30th birthday was the perfect opportunity!

His reaction was priceless!

These things are incredible--totally legit, honest-to-goodness Muppets. 

They don't have a ton of clothing options, so i actually went shopping for baby clothes that look like Brad, and l lucked out with finding a red shirt almost identical to one Brad owns!

And while a Brad Muppet is awesome, it's just a little lonely, so I had to also get a Kristi Muppet while we were at it! 

It was much harder to make one that looks like me (not sure if that's good or bad thing, haha!), and the girl selection of clothing was much more limited. I ordered the "Broadway Show Girl" outfit because, honestly, that's the one I'd be most likely to wear. Although, I did find a baby shirt that looked like something I might wear. Here they are together:

Here's a couple close ups, they're made so well!

Happy Birthday, Brad! There's no other Muppet I'd rather be married to than you. :)


Sepia Polaroids at Coney Island

Today marks 31 straight days of blogging for me. I challenged myself to blog every day a month ago, because I've never really been a good blogger, but I thought forcing myself to post everyday would help me challenge me to shoot more for fun. Between working full-time as a creative director (about half of that job is being a photographer) and doing shoots on the side, sometimes I don't really take photos outside of "work." And I stay so busy that I don't always get around to blogging right after I shoot something. So, sorry if some of these posts seem late or out of order, or whatever, but I've decided I'm do want to commit to blogging more--around 2-3 posts a week, and just a variety of shoots. It may be new stuff or old stuff, and I may not blog every shoot, but I'm definitely planning to post more. So if there's something you'd like to see, let me know! Leave a comment below, or become my friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter

Here's some Sepia Polaroids (film from the Impossible Project) I shot at Coney Island a couple weeks ago. I'm in love with that film (and if you click on the link above, that review is from me-ha!) 

When we took these photos of each other in front of the Cyclone, a girl asked to take our photo! She was shooting with a Nikon film camera and I think she liked the combination of how we were dressed and that we were using a vintage Polaroid camera. :)

The sign at this angle reminds me of Willy Wonka's factory.

This is one  of my favorite photos of the day. I love how hazy the film makes it look.


Sam + Roy Polaroids

Another post from Sam & Roy's shoot! I shot a couple packs of film in one of my Polaroid Land Cameras, and the particular camera I chose to shoot with that day (I have around 8 or 9 now) was having a few issues with the shutter. It ended up creating some unintentional double exposures, which I love. Happy accidents!


Sam + Roy Engagement

Happy 1st Anniversary to Sam & Roy! They got married a year ago today in Alaska, Roy's home state. I shot some engagement photos last summer while they were visiting family in Tennessee (Sam is originally from Henderson), and I never got around to blogging them. Here's a few of my favorites from our shoot.

Hope your first year of marriage has been great and just continues to get better! 


NYC Blue Polaroids

I just scanned in over 70 polaroids from NYC, which is way too many for one post, so I figured I'd break them into a few different posts. I brought some expired Polaroid Blue film I got from Impossible last year. This was my first time shooting with it, but I really like the results.


We went in the Aeropostale store in Time Square, mainly to escape the heat for a few minutes. We went up to the second floor and suddenly realized we were in an area that used to Mtv's studios, specifically the area where they filmed TRL. They created a cool little hangout area in front of these windows, so there were tons of tourists coming in and out to take photos with Times Square in the background. There was a guy dressed up in an Elvis costume, just sitting there, and Brad and I were in awe. It was the weirdest moment, and it felt like we were the only ones who were even aware he was there--everyone else just completely ignored him. I waited for what felt like forever to get a photo of him without tourists in it, and without him noticing. The two shots below are the only ones I got. :)